Pediatric Behavioral and Mental Health

Pediatric Behavioral and Mental Health Treatment Questions and Answers

If you live in the Frisco, TX area and are seeking help with Pediatric Mental Health? Our pediatric staff at Pediatric Associates of Frisco are here to help. Our 5 star rated care can help with behavioral, dietary and lifestyle changes. For more information please call us or request an appointment online. We serve patients from Frisco TX, Allen TX, Little Elm TX, The Colony TX, McKinney TX, Prosper TX, Aubrey TX, Oak Point TX, Lakewood Village TX, Plano TX and Dallas TX.

Pediatric Behavioral and Mental Health Treatment Near Me in Frisco, TX
Pediatric Behavioral and Mental Health Treatment Near Me in Frisco, TX

The Pediatric Associates of Frisco is run by Dr. Sreemdevi Ramakrishnan who has over fifteen years of experience in the field of pediatrics. Dr. Sree believes in a comprehensive style of treatment that often integrates diet and nutrition into treatment methods. With a special interest in treating attention deficit and hyperactive disorder and other mental illnesses in children, Dr. Sree and her team are an excellent choice in helping with your child’s mental health.

How does Mental Health affect a child’s behavior?

In children, mental illness often manifests itself as disruptions in appropriate thinking for their age range including difficulties with emotional regulation, delayed development of social skills and often disruptive behaviors causing difficulties in the home, at school or other social situations. If left untreated Mental Health issues can lead to feelings of unhappiness, reduced enjoyment of life and even physical health problems such as overeating and addiction, among others.

Children with mental health disorders are less likely to succeed at school, more likely to be absent and more likely to require disciplinary action from the school. It can also have a severe impact on their learning ability with a decrease in retention of information and an increase in aggression towards their school peers.

Roughly 20% of Children are believed to suffer from a diagnosable mental health condition such as Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorder, Generalized Anxiety Disorder, Depression, various eating disorders, and a multitude of possible learning disabilities. Many other children show signs of milder emotional and behavioral problems that can be mitigated or in some cases nearly eliminated with proper care and support from professionals.

How can I improve my child’s mental health?

One of the most important skills a parent can learn to help improve a child’s mental health is the proper application of empathy and understanding towards the child’s point of view. Understand the meaning behind their actions and behavior and where those actions and behavior originate. It is also useful to show children that adults also have a range of emotion and that emotional struggles are not limited to children to increase understanding and empathy between parent and child. Help teach your children how to relax, encourage them to be creative and express themselves and keep communication open by asking your child questions about their mental state.

A strong support system, such as strong and supportive relationships with family and friends will also have a positive impact on a child’s mental health. Make sure you spend time developing a trusting relationship with your child so that they are aware of whom they can turn to should they need help regarding emotional or mental health related concerns. Your children should feel comfortable communicating their emotions to their parents and people they trust.

What are signs of behavioral problems?

All children are different and changes in their mental state are to be expected as they grow. That said sudden changes in your child’s actions, thoughts, and feelings without an obvious external cause especially in younger children, can be indicative of burgeoning behavioral concerns. Some signs of these changes can include things like being angry for an extended period of time, frequently finding methods of deflecting blame, constant questioning of authority, an overall refusal to follow rules, temper tantrums, constant arguing and difficulties handling frustration can be indicative of deeper underlying issues.

Ignoring these signs can lead to lingering problems going untreated which can affect their ongoing success in life and prevent them from achieving important developmental milestones. These issues can lead to problems at school, difficulties in social situations and a lack of independence from their parents.

The Pediatric Associates of Frisco performs thorough evaluations of each child in accordance with the latest mental health assessment guidelines and takes a comprehensive approach to treatment through management of diet, lifestyle changes and meeting any pharmacological needs for the treatment. We would be happy to schedule an appointment to discuss any concerns over a child’s mental health needs and look forward to providing you the best possible support in aiding your child. Visit us at 9191 Kyser Way, Suite 405, Frisco, TX 75033.