Pediatric Asthma Care

Pediatric Asthma Care Questions and Answers

Our experienced medical staff at Pediatric Associates of Frisco provides care for children suffering from asthma. We expertise in diagnosis, assessment, monitoring and treatment for children with asthma. For more information please call us or request an appointment online. We serve patients from Frisco TX, Allen TX, Little Elm TX, The Colony TX, McKinney TX, Prosper TX, Aubrey TX, Oak Point TX, Lakewood Village TX, Plano TX and Dallas TX.

Pediatric Asthma Care Near Me in Frisco, TX
Pediatric Asthma Care Near Me in Frisco, TX

Asthma is a delicate condition that requires special care, especially in children. Oftentimes, asthma symptoms can appear seemingly out of nowhere, and can linger for many years or even the rest of one’s life. Fortunately, there are many ways to effectively manage asthma, and with the help of medical professionals, a good quality of life can be maintained.

What is Pediatric Asthma?

Pediatric asthma is asthma present in children. Cough is often the only symptom of asthma in young children. Other symptoms commonly associated with pediatric asthma include wheezing, difficulty breathing and shortness of breath, however symptoms of asthma vary widely among children. Some children experiencing coughing fits at night but are symptom-free during the day, while other children seem to get recurring chest colds that stubbornly hang on.

As children have small and narrow airways, wheezing is a common symptom with viral infections. During cold and flu season, episodes of cough, runny nose and fever is not likely the cause of asthma. Asthma is more likely to be the culprit if your child has several more episodes of wheeze and cough, especially outside of cold and flu season. The common cold is the most prevalent cause of asthma in infants and children under three years of age. Asthma symptoms and airway swelling can last for several weeks after the cold has subsided. 

How is pediatric asthma diagnosed?

A thorough medical examination is the first step in diagnosing asthma. In many cases, your child’s history and symptoms at the time of evaluation form the basis of an asthma diagnosis. In younger children, recurrent episodes of asthma may be experienced before an actual diagnosis is made. As these increase the child’s chances of developing asthma, the family history and the child’s allergy history should also be considered.

To evaluate breathing, your child’s doctor may have your child do a number of tests. These may include:

  • Detailed medical history and physical exam
  • Spirometry (breathing tests)
  • Chest X-rays
  • Skin tests

Based on the history and the results of the physical exam, your child’s doctor may order other tests.

Does childhood asthma go away?

Symptoms of asthma that start in childhood may disappear later in life. However, in some cases a child’s asthma can subside temporarily, only to return a few years later. But other children with asthma never outgrow it, especially in cases of severe asthma.

How is Pediatric Asthma Treated?

Pediatric asthma is typically treated with medication, including nebulizers. The goals of pediatric asthma treatment include:

  • Prevention of chronic and troublesome symptoms, including coughing and breathlessness
  • Minimize the need for quick alleviation of symptoms using a short-acting beta2-agonist (SABA)
  • Maintain near-normal pulmonary function
  • Maintain normal activity levels such as physical activity, exercise and attendance at work or school
  • Satisfy patients’ and parents’ expectations for asthma care

If your child is experiencing symptoms of asthma, trust the professionals at Pediatric Associates of Frisco, TX to provide them with top quality care. Our kind and compassionate professionals are experienced in treating children with asthma and can provide both you and your children with relief and reassurance by alleviating symptoms and proving a higher level of care. For more information on our pediatric asthma care, call our office and get in touch with a member of our specialist team. To request an appointment with our pediatric asthma specialist, visit our website or speak with us over the phone today.