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Nutrition Counseling

Nutrition Counseling in Frisco, TX

A nutrition counselor is a valuable resource for assisting you in making healthier choices. They will work with you to discover nutritional concerns and gaps and offer methods to incorporate healthy food into your lifestyle. Sridevi Jagadeesan is a registered nutritionist at Pediatric Associates of Frisco. For more information, contact us or request an appointment online. We are conveniently located at 9191 Kyser Way Suite 500, Frisco, TX 75033.

Nutrition Counseling Near Me in Frisco, TX
Nutrition Counseling Near Me in Frisco, TX

Our pediatric Registered Dietitian (RD) is an expert in nutrition and provides medical nutrition therapy for infants to kids. The goal is to optimize nutrition, growth and overall health. Our pediatric RD caters the nutrition consultation to the individual & family – which often includes a nutrition and growth assessment, meal planning and child/family nutrition education

One-on-one nutrition counseling with a pediatric RD is available with our physician’s referral. Common reasons for a referral include:

• weight issues
• malnutrition
• feeding difficulties
• autism
• food intolerances and allergies
• special diets
• nutrition education

Along with one-on-one nutrition services, our RD provides nutrition services as part of a team center care (TCC) approach.