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Top Pediatrician in Frisco, TX

Dr. Sree, MD, is experienced in treating and managing a number of pediatric health conditions, ranging from minor to more serious. Visit our specialist for your toddler’s health concerns. We are conveniently located at 9191 Kyser Way, Suite 500, Frisco, TX 75033. For more information, please contact us or request an appointment online.

Top Pediatrician Near Me in Frisco TX
Top Pediatrician Near Me in Frisco TX

Table of Contents:

What is the difference between a doctor and a pediatrician?
At what age do you go to a pediatrician?
How often should my child see the pediatrician?
Why is pediatrics important?

Pediatricians are the most qualified medical professionals to provide primary care to children and adolescents. If you’d like to learn more about pediatricians and their importance, keep reading below!

What is the difference between a doctor and a pediatrician?

In some ways, there is no difference between a doctor and a pediatrician because pediatricians are doctors. However, not all doctors are pediatricians, as you might already know. Thus, the difference between a doctor and a pediatrician is that a doctor can refer to numerous different medical specialists, while a pediatrician is a specific type of doctor.

Whereas most other types of doctors specialize in treating adults, pediatricians specialize in the treatment, diagnosis, prevention, and management of conditions affecting children and teenagers. In essence, a pediatrician is a primary care doctor for anyone under the age of 21. Some doctors see both children and adults, while others only see adults. In contrast, pediatricians only see children—not adults.

At what age do you go to a pediatrician?

Children should start seeing a pediatrician as early as possible. In fact, the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) advises that parents should first take their child to see a pediatrician three to five days after their birth.

Since the recommended time to see a pediatrician is so soon after the child is born, it’s best to find a pediatrician you’d like your child to see while you’re still pregnant. This way, making the appointment with the pediatrician will be more streamlined and you’ll be able to be sure your child is well looked after.

Your pediatrician will also visit you in the hospital or birth center after you’ve given birth and are settled to check on your newborn. While they are there, they will schedule an appointment with you to make things more convenient for you.

How often should my child see the pediatrician?

After your child’s first visit to see the pediatrician, you should see their pediatrician several more times before they reach two years of age. After their second birthday, they should see their pediatrician once a year until they turn 18 or 21, or until their pediatrician advises that they should transition to a family doctor or other primary care doctor.

The general schedule for taking your child to see the pediatrician before their second birthday is:

• Two weeks
• Two months
• Four months
• Nine months
• 12 months
• 15 months
• 18 months

That said, each pediatrician’s preferred schedule may vary, so your child’s pediatrician will let you know with each appointment when to schedule the next one.

Why is pediatrics important?

Many doctors can care for your child, but no doctor can provide as much child-centric care for them as a pediatrician. Pediatricians are expertly trained in the unique conditions that affect children and how different conditions affect them in unique ways. Thus, pediatricians can thoroughly understand the physical, emotional, and physiological needs of children as they grow and develop.

With this greater understanding and familiarity with the unique health needs of children, pediatricians can identify issues sooner and provide more effective treatment to ensure your child receives the best possible care. They also provide excellent preventive care to help your child stay as healthy as possible.

If you’re looking for a board-certified pediatrician to take exceptional care of your child in Frisco, Texas, we’d love to meet that need at Pediatric Associates of Frisco! Our board-certified pediatrician, Dr. Sree, MD, has many years of experience providing high-quality care to children in ways that help them feel comfortable and safe when seeing the doctor. Visit our website or contact us to learn more about our services or schedule an online appointment with our pediatrician today! We are conveniently located at 9191 Kyser Way, Suite 500, Frisco, TX 75033. We serve patients from Frisco TX, Little Elm TX, The Colony TX, McKinney TX, Prosper TX, Aubrey TX, Oak Point TX, Lakewood Village TX, Plano TX, and Dallas TX.